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  • Are you interested in exploring different shades of human voice?

  • Is world music fascinating for you?

  • Would you like to express your voice strongly in the woods?

Unleash the full potential of your voice and register for the courses via the registration form at the bottom of the page!

Warmly welcome!

Welcome to explore the singing courses and vocal events I offer!

Scroll down to find course descriptions, prices and the registration form.

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Soulful singing, experimental use of voice and rooted connection to the body and Earth

are my passions, and I want to share with you everything I have learned, developed, and found to be inspiring and helpful with singing!


In addition to songs, you can learn in the courses

vocal technique, voice maintenance, utilization of various sound effects in singing and physical exercises that support singing.



Everybody can sing, one just needs practise and courage!


Campfire Singing Circle

Sihuuuu-hu! Let us gather together around the fire to sing and raise our inner flame to roar!


In the evening's program e.g. singing earth / fire / air-element melodies and the Finnish power mantra, herd calls and bodily exercises that increase energy and rooting power.  


This event is aimed at women.


We travel through holistic exercises to different elements; from the depths of the earth to the water inside the body, from the water to the energizing fire, and from the fire to the celestial air, rooting the body and strengthening the confidence and relationship to one’s own vocal expression. In a safe and warm environment, we surrender to a flow state, strengthening the connection between our hearts and through each other.

If you wish, you can bring a poem, mantra, or a piece of text that speaks to you that day to share in the circle. Drums and other instruments are also warmly welcome!

vocal effects

In the workshop, you will learn to produce with the human voice various sound effects/elements that can be used in vocal group, choir, production or performing arts music, such as barn owl, rooster crowing, peacock, wah, vocal break, heartbeat, brook gurgling, bass drum, udu drum, rhythmic in- and exhalation singing and overtone singing.


Suitable for those who have been singing for a long time or are keen voice impersonators!

Welcome to play with the human voice and discover new tones in it!


Zoom / Webinar format. Because of Zoom's features, the participant practices mic on silent mode after each teaching session. With the Reference function, you can ask the teacher to listen to the effect and give personal guidance.

herding call (kulning) workshop

The initial impetus for the magical Scandinavian Kulning herding call tradition, which combines holistic sound use and inner wild woman, whatever gender you are.


Kulning is a women's herding call tradition that has its roots in nomadic culture traced back to the Middle Ages, and has served as a means of communication between cattle and shepherds.


Welcome to the roots of your own power!


Open to everyone.


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New Moon voice Workshop

We strengthen our Nature and power of Crone. We sing in 2-3-voices spell songs and earthy melodies without words. We delve into the layers of sounds and into our own body.

We chant the root chakra seed mantra grounding into our own core. We do holistic exercises and explore the connection between body, voice and movement.

The event is the day before the New Moon, when the influence of the moon is already felt strongly. It is time to make room for something new. Time to root yourself so that you can more strongly draw knowledge from the inner wisdom.

Warmly welcome!

Open to all.


vocal effects workshop

The workshop teaches how to produce experimental sounds in a choir, vocal ensemble, performing art project or production music context with a human voice.

Sound effects can be utilized or learned for personal enjoyment such as palpitation, creek, Minnie mouse, vocal break, beatboxing sounds, bubble,
rhythmic inhalation and exhalation vocals and overtone singing,

Suitable for both those who have been singing for longer and enthusiastic imitators!

ethno voice course

Is multicultural folk music fascinating?

In this workshop you will get to sing rooted and atmospheric songs
  From the Nordic countries, Asia, and the Balkans and experience the uplifting power of group singing!

The songs are 1-2 voices and are taught by ear.


Anyone with some sort of singing background and a passion to learn something new is warmly welcome to the course!

blaring forest! kulning workshop

In this workshop, we delve into the magical Kulning herd calling tradition!
We explore the rooted way of producing sound, create kulning melodies, decorate the melodies with different ornamentation use the shepherd's song scale.
The workshop is aimed at those who have previously participated in my Blaring forest! workshop or who has some experience of kulning.
The workshop will be held in Eastern Helsinki.

sound journey black crone's moon

The sound journey of the new moon from the womb of the Mother Earth into space to the planet Neptune.

A glance towards the innermost, at the source of the wise Crone.

What can be found in the shadows?

What are you lighting the flame for?


The trip is inspired by the New Moon archetype of the Wise Woman 'Crone', the Greek mythology goddess Hecate.


Crone's season is winter, when the task is to travel to ones core, root and inner knowledge. She has a connection to both light and darkness and wisely operates between the two. According to C.G. Jung, Crone represents the individual's mana; personality, which means primordial energy, which, if properly absorbed, can help the individual grow, change, transform.

The journey has three parts: 1) The formation of a connection with Mother Earth, our roots, our ancestors 2) The raising of strength, protection and courage 3) The true encounter with oneself, expansion of consciousness, metaphysical connection.

The instruments used are the human voice, rattles, a floor-tom drum and a duduk woodwind. The sound distance has been confirmed and it also uses a looper, which creates layers and multi-level soundscapes in the space.

I invite you to dig deeper into yourself and boldly seek the wisdom of the Crone from your depths.

From the students' mouths:


"Strong inspiration struck here!"

"The workshop was extremely interesting and a good start to the world of sound effects."

"An experience of the eternal connection of sound and nature, the unfolding of emotions to genetic memories, the echo of the forest, the mutual communication of people, animals and all living things."

"The experience was very powerful, profound, rooted, WONDERFUL. Getting to know my own voice through a cultural heritage that interested me (kulning and Finnish cattle invitations) was wonderful. When I got home I was so liberated - and somehow relieved. There was a big cry. It was a good cry. it was only possible to get out this way. It was absolutely wonderful to be together in the woods and give a roar! "

"As a teacher, Sini is inspiring and permissive at the same time. She illustrates well the physiology of sound and with physical exercises I discovered brand new sounds!"

"You're skilled and nice as a teacher, so it was good to be such an exciting person on the course."

"You got to create a really good atmosphere for the course, which is important when training with a new voice"

"The ethno singing course was wonderful! The songs were well chosen and found a suitable challenge."

"The bodily grip supported the singing. Afterwards, I was often empowered and happy."

"The teacher's warm, relaxed, and tolerant grip encouraged me to sing with all my voice, loud, ugly, nasally, in all the weird ways!"






21.9. & 28.9. Ethno Singing Course (Helsinki)

26.9. Blairing Forest! -kulning workshop (Helsinki)

7.8. Blairing Forest! -kulning workshop / ElosFest (Turku)

3.-4.7. Blairing Forest! -kulning workshop / Natural High Healing Festival (Uusikaupunki)

5.6. Sound effects with human voice online course / Helsinki Adult Education Center

22.5. Blairing Forest! -kulning workshop (Helsinki) / Sini Sounds

15.5. Sound effects with human voice online course / Wellamo College

24.4. Ethno Singing Course Online Course / Sini Sounds

10.4. Ethno Singing Course online course


02.11. Sound Effects with Human Voice Webinar / Sini Sounds

31.10. Blairing Forest! -kulning workshop (Helsinki) / Sini Sounds

17.10. & 23.10. Ethno Singing Workshop / Wellamo College (Lahti)

10.10. Blairing Forest! -kulning workshop (Helsinki) / Sini Sounds

19.09. Sound Effects with Human Voice Workshop / Helsinki Adult Education Center (Helsinki)

13.09. Audio Workshop (Private)

19.08. Love with a human voice sound workshop / Villa Valo (Oulu)

13.06. Ethno Singing Remote Workshop / Sini Sounds

06.06. Sound Effects with Human Voice Remote Workshop / Sini Sounds

30.05. Sound effects with human voice remote workshop / Kalliola Citizens' College

23.05. Sound effects with human voice remote workshop (Continuation group) / Helsinki Adult Education Center
18.04. Sound effects with human voice remote workshop / Helsinki Adult Education Center (Helsinki)

14.03. Vocal sounds and Finnish language WORKSHOP / WOMADelaide (Adelaide, AUSTRALIA) / Windmill

07.03. Vocal sounds and Finnish language WORKSHOP / WOMAD NEW ZEALAND (New Plymouth, New Zealand) / Windmill
15.02. Connection to the body - connection to the sound workshop / Kalliola Citizens' College (Helsinki)

07.-08.02. Sound Effects with Human Voice Workshop / Wellamo College (Lahti)



23-24.11. Ethno Singing workshop / Kalliola Citizens' College (Helsinki)

16-17.11 & 23.-24.11. Ethno Singing workshop / Kalliola Aansala University (Helsinki)

07.10.-18.11. Ethno Singing Course / Helsinki Adult Education Center (Helsinki)

28-29.09. Ethno Singing Course / Helsinki Adult Education Center (Helsinki)

15.-16.02. Singing Ensemble Workshop: Ethnic Singing & Sound Effects / Mikkeli Music College (Mikkeli)



13.10.-01.12. Ethno Singing Course / Kalliola Citizens' College (Helsinki)

23.09. Freedom of expression! workshop / Sabrina & Daughters of the Islands (Vantaa)

09.02. Folk'n'beats WORKSHOP / Sur Jahan Festival (Goa, INDIA) / Tuuletar

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