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Who am I?

I am a singer, composer and vocal coach specialized in rooted and cinematic a cappella music.


I am pulsated by root power, expressiveness, body work, connection with nature, birds, film music, folklore and meditative practices.

I work e.g. as a singer-composer in the award-winning a cappella band Tuuletar,
  lead and innovate empowering and creative singing workshops and give private singing lessons.

I experience teaching as my heart’s work in addition to creating and performing music. I have created vocal workshops Vocal Effects, Ethno Voice, Kulning herding call tradition, Root Power and Spell song Circle. Through my workshops, I want to inspire people to strengthen their relationship to their own voice, to learn about the multi-tone nature of the voice, the rooted musical traditions, and the power that emanates from the Earth and the pelvic floor!

I have been a full-time singer-composer at Tuuletar since 2012. The band was nominated for Folk Music Creator of the Year in 2019, was awarded Border Breaking Act of the Year Award at the 2019 Ethnogala, and won the Silver and Audience Favorite Award in 2015 in the prestigious Vokal.Total a cappella competition in Graz (AUT). Tuuletar has starred in international festivals in more than 20 different countries such as WOMEX (ES, FI), WOMAD (UK, AUS, NZ), RITMO (HU), Sur Jahan (IND), Taiwan A Cappella Festival, Songlines Encounters (UK) and JazzAhead ( DE). The band has visited in Vain elämää tv-series (2019) on Lauri Tähkä's Day, in the film Tunturin tarinat (2020) and as a soloist with the Vantaa Entertainment Orchestra and Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat. The Cirko New Circus Center, Pekko Käppi and Tsuumi Soundsystem have also been partners.

In addition to Tuuletar, I have worked in recent years e.g. as sound artist / co-composer in percussionist Juuso Hannukainen's EP trilogy Batusizer Drum + Machine, in the cello-voice duo Kajos, as a singer in the Icelandic art film See no Evil / Betur sjá augu (Callow Youth Productions / Nykur Media, 2021) and as a guest vocalist on metal band HARMS album A Lifetime Spent on Dying (2021).

My compositions for Tuuletar have attracted interest in the foreign market for syncronized music, and my pieces ‘Alku' and‘ Elda ’(by Tuuletar, published by Bafe’s Factory) have been used in the TV series Monarca (Netflix, Mexico, 2019), Game of Thrones (HBO, USA, 2017) and Wentworth (Netflix, AUS, 2017).


Are you planning an art project, podcast series, or other project looking for a composer, singer, body, performer or workshop leader?

It would be lovely to hear from you if what I do resonates.



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