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TUULETAR, is an internationally successful EMMA award-winning a cappella band. Since 2012, these vibrant musicians have sung, composed and performed together, creating their own and unique voice and identity. The band's singers create a living soundscape where art pop and beatbox rhythms meet Finnish folklore and global influences.

The band has toured in more than 20 different countries at events such as Lost in Music (FI), WOMAD (AUS, NZ, UK), WOMEX (FI & ES), Sur Jahan (IND), Etno Krakow (PL), RITMO (HU), ViruFolk (EE) and Taiwan A Cappella Festival.

The band was awarded 'The Border Breaking Act of the Year' prize at the Finnish Ethnogala in 2019, was a nominee for 'Folk Music Creator of The Year' in 2019 (Ethnogala, FI) and won Silver and Audience Favorite Award in the pop category at the prestigious Vokal.Total a cappella competition in Graz (AUT) in 2015.


In 2017, Tuuletar's song 'Alku' (from the album Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal) was sold on HBO's most popular TV series Game of Thrones. The same song was also heard on the Australian TV series Wentworth (FOX) earlier that year.




The film "Tuntur tarina" takes viewers through the wilderness of Lapland all the way to the Arctic Ocean. It is a mythical story in which the animals of the north play a prominent role. The film's music has been composed by Panu Aaltio, who has been awarded many times and has also won the Jussi award. The film, which premiered in December 2021, features the music of the Tapiola Sinfonietta and the internationally successful Tuuletar vocal group. Now you can experience all of this for the first time as a magical live performance in Espoo.The concert is part of Tapiola Sinfonietta's Nature Festival (November 9-December 2, 2023).
In collaboration with: Espoo Ciné

Sat 2.12.2023 at 15 and 18 Espoo cultural centre
TUNTUR'S STORY (Nature Festival)

Tapiola Sinfonietta
Erkki Lasonpalo, conductor
Wind goddess, a vocal group

Composition: Panu Aaltio
The story of the fell, premiere

The film was directed by Marko Röhr
Film production: MRP Matila Röhr Productions / Hanna Kauppi
Rolf Gustavson and Vili Robert Ollila, orchestration


TUnturi's story

"song for the forest people"

"Mielikki forest mistress, forest maid pixie, Open the forest shed, open the forest bay, after I have gone to the forest, after I have risen to the ear."


An improvisational piece inspired by an ancient Finnish mythological character - Mielikki the Mistress of the Forest - and faith in natureSini Koskelainen's bluesolo performance at Kuninkaanlammi on the Ehrensvärdin path. 

In the old days, the forest was respected in a completely different way than it is today. Man was seen as part of the cycle of nature, not a higher or separate part of it. You didn't go into the forest with bad or selfish intentions, to exploit or litter it. Permission was asked to enter the kingdom of the forest and gifts were left for the victims. 

All living things were seen as sacred. The trees were allowed to grow and rot, and the chaotic order of the forest was not interfered with. Each tree, plant, animal, stone species and element was perceived to have its own power and each of them had the opportunity to learn something. We believed in the owners of nature and place and tried to keep them satisfied with various spells and rituals so that coexistence and cooperation (like the bear shed) went smoothly. We lived in conscious interaction with everything that exists.

Mielikki was the Mistress of the Forest who ruled the kingdom of the forest together with Tapio the Forest King. Mielik should be asked for a blessing for picking berries, picking mushrooms and hunting small game. If Mielikki liked it, everyone got exactly what they were entitled to. Mielikki also acted as a protector of livestock, as well as an animal healer and wild herb guide.


loviisa-9 (kopio).jpg


Kajos is a strong duo of Sini Koskelainen and Susanna Syrjäläinen, where Nordic and South Asian echoes, influences from classical music, meditative, spatial soundscapes and rooted rhythms form their own kind of ambience.


The band uses a variety of instruments such as human voice, cello, Turkish Cura string instrument, Armenian duduk woodwind, drum and koshi wind chimes, and builds a layered music with a loopstation.


Flow into the Earth - Live Mantra with Yoga (2019)

Christmas (2018-)

sini koskelainen

An improvisational solo concept in which Koskelainen creates mythical sound journeys, channeling the current themes and people in the space with her voice.


The instruments are human voice, drum, rattles, looper and duduk.


Black Crone's Moon sound journey (2021-)



2 (c) Mikke Strandberg_VanDanceFESTIVAL 2023.jpg


Spear dancer" is a dance artistArttu Peltoniemi and a musician-shaman A duo piece created by Keke Lammassaari, whose sources of inspiration are Finnish stone age rock paintings and bronze and iron age "weapon dancer" catalogs. The artists, led by Peltoniemi, have built a work based on these sources that utilizes structural improvisation, which invites for the viewer to dive under and have a mystical experience.

9/9/2023VanDance festival the musician in the performance was Sini Koskelainen, who improvised in the piece while singing and playing the drum.



Reviving traditional celebrationsand innovative artistic and communityYear round project (financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture), whose events are organized by Nuuksion Taika.

Events: Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Winter Day of the Bear Year, Spring Day of the Bear Year, Summer Day of the Bear Year, Autumn Day of the Bear Year andBiscuits.

The content of Kävätjäut tasaus events was created and implemented by Sini Koskelainen & Magdalena Mölsä (Copper bird).

The day included stories about beliefs related to bears and migratory birds, sharing thoughts by the campfire, drinking Birch sap, learning cattle call calls and nature connection exercises in the forest, food and a spring concert. 

(2022 & 2023)

Beige Minimalist Collage Instagram Post.png


Mari Sainio is a Finnish composer and music producer. She makes music for theater plays, movies, classical music groups and her own projects.


In the summer of 2017, her EP ‘Tales’ was released (published by Ranka Kustannus), which was well received by the public and critics. Her debut album ‘Minus 25’ was released in August 2018. In her music, Sainio combines elements of classical music with film melodies, electronic soundscapes and post-rock pathos.


Sini Koskelainen is the singer of the live ensemble and can be heard also on her albums.


In 2018, I was involved in a collective performing art project called Kinahmi (a great vortex in the ocean), convened by Jussi Salminen. Our team included Musicians, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Dancer, Costume Designer and Actors. For six months, we studied shamanism, mythology, and psychophysical practices and worked in a variety of environments: caves, forests, a theater studio, a sauna, and ruins. Based on this, we created a performance.

The performance was part of Salminen's final work on Theatre Academy MAECP (Master of Ecology and Contemporary Performance) line. Partners: Tom Lönnqvist, Aino Simola, Noora Kauppila, Mikko Heikinpoika, Saila Pönkänen, Tero Aalto.



In 2016, I worked as a voice actor and singer for artist Petronella Grahn, the creator of the Pomenia concept, a fabulous world of magic.


The embedded video contains an aloud reading of a storybook called ‘Fairy Magic Dust’ in which I act as a reader. (The recording is an uncut demo, recorded in one shot)

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