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Ethno voice

About the course

Are you fascinated by multicultural folk music and root power?

In this workshop we will sing rooted and atmospheric songs from the Nordic countries, Asia and the Balkans, such as Serbia, Bulgaria and Thailand, and experience the uplifting power of group singing!

You will also get to know how exactly your voice sounds when sung in the native language of different countries and how the voice can be formed in different ways.

The songs have 1-2 voices and are taught by ear.

All you need is some kind of background in singing and eagerness to learn new things, and you are warmly welcome to the course!


"Versatile, interesting coverage"

"As a teacher, Sini is inspiring and accommodating at the same time. She illustrates well the physiology of sound and with the help of physical exercises I discovered completely new sounds!"

"I got inspiration, new sounds and the desire to work with sound"

"The teaching is very experimental and humorous, I really liked it!"

"As a teacher, you are skilled and nice, so even for a nervous person like me, the course felt good"

"You were able to create a really good atmosphere for the course, which is important when practicing something new with the voice"

"The ethnic singing course was wonderful! The songs were well chosen and there was a suitable challenge in them."

"The physical perspective supported the singing. Afterwards I often felt empowered and happy."

"The teacher's warm, relaxed and tolerant attitude encouraged me to sing at the top of my voice, loudly, ugly, nasally, in all sorts of strange ways!"

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