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Vocal effects

About the workshop

Are you fascinated by the human voice and what you can do with it?

Each of us has a unique voice and sound production system, but too few of us go on a journey of discovery to explore them. I have created this course out of love for the human voice and its possibilities, and I want to encourage others to use their voice more versatilely!

In the workshop, you will learn to produce various sound effects with the human voice that can be used in vocal group, choir, performing arts or production music or that can be learned for your own pleasure, such as a heartbeat, babbling brook, Minnie mouse, vocal break, bass drum, bubble, rhythmic inhaling and exhaling singing and overtone singing.

Suitable for both those who have been singing for a longer time and
those who are eager imitators!

Implementation: online or as face-to-face teaching

Duration: 60-90 min (customizable)


"A strong inspiration hit here!"
"The workshop was extremely interesting and a good start to the world of sound effects."
"You were able to create a really good atmosphere for the course, which is important when practicing something new with the voice"
"You are a very clear, inspiring and encouraging teacher."

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