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herding calls

About the course

Have you dreamed of being able to produce high or loud screams/melodies?
Now you have the perfect opportunity to unleash your voice and learn calling skills in the nature, because this workshop will be held in the forest!

You will get an initial boost to the magical Scandinavian cattle calling tradition called 'kulning', the core of which is primal voice use and communication! Kulning consists of short and nasal calls and more melodious high calls. It dates back to the Middle Ages and originates from the nomadic culture of women. Originally it was used e.g. to call the cattle home from the pasture, but today it has developed its own unique style of music.


The workshop teacher Sini Koskelainen has learned about this tradition, e.g. from the Swedish folk musician-composer Eva Rune.


Welcome to the roots of your own power!

Workshop duration: 1-4 h (customizable)

Take a warm drink bottle, snacks, a seat pad, notepad, a tape recorder (phone) and wear flexible, comfortable and weather-appropriate clothes suitable for the forest.


"It was really empowering!"
"The director's spirit was wonderful: calmness and enthusiasm in the same package!"
"A truly inspiring, beautiful, powerful and comprehensive experience"️
"Wonderfully gentle and encouraging teaching method"
"The experience of the ancient connection of sound and nature, the opening of emotions up to genetic memories, the echo of the forest, the mutual communication of people, animals and all living things. It was really empowering to freely disconnect with the sound and the calls and to let go fully and meditatively sing a shepherd's song quietly with your back against a tree."
"In the middle of nature, you got in touch with your own roots and the song rooted through it"

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