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Human voice is a channel for me to connect with my soul, roots, emotions, the surrounding nature, the invisible world and other living beings.


Vocalizing and singing can release emotional locks, empower, create a sense of security, soothe and cheer up.

Music touches us all. It allows us to travel to the cellular level.

That's why I feel like I have a calling to both create music with voice and support others on their unique path with their own voice.

Welcome to my site!

I am a vocal artist inspired by expressiveness, innovation and holistic work!


I want my music to touch people on an emotional level.

In my courses, I want to encourage participants to use their voice in a more versatile way, often guiding anatomy and the path to body connection. I want to support my private students individually in exactly what inspires them.


In the field of music, I work in a variety of ways as a performer, composer, studio musician, singing teacher and lecturer.

On my site you can listen to my music, watch live videos, read my musical history (CV), sign up for vocal events and get information about my bands and upcoming concerts!


A fruitful journey of exploration!




"Sini is an amazing and unique singer who knows experiential and liberating methods of using the voice. It was a memorable experience to participate in the course at Wellamo in Lahti. A joyful and stimulating awakening to the production of a diverse voice. I recommend it"

"I took part in a sound journey organized by Sini, which was an absolutely wonderful experience! A really talented artist whose courses and events can be warmly recommended to attend."



"Sini Koskelainen possesses a distinctive, well-developed musicality and she carries an impressive ability as a singer and vocal artist to interpret and bring alive both lyrics and musical context - by physical and bodily expressions. She is a strong musical Arranger and responsive and empathetic musical colleague and a fellow artist."
(translated from the Fredrika Bremer Förbundet Scholarship of 2016)


"Haunting vocals"

 (Nordic Music Review, Collaboration song 'The Silence' from an album 'Minus 25' by Mari Sainio)


"The Silence, symphonic Classical music with a soulful and charming vocals by Sini Koskelainen will remain as well. A song that could really make its Highlights shine in a Tolkien universe.” 

(translated from a Gezeitenstrom Musik review, Collaboration song 'The Silence' from an album Minus 25 by Mari Sainio)


"It's a unique combination of curiosity, purposefulness, strength and integrity som gör att my perception of Sinis Konstnärliga utveckling kan endast stopa av Henne sälv." 

(Benedikte Esperi, MFA in Contemporary Performative Arts, performance artist/choreographer/film maker/researcher/producer)


"Sini besitter en särpräglad, väl utklad musikalitet och hon bär en impressive ability to act as a singer and voice artist, and levandegöra both lyrics and musical performance."

 (Anders Jormin, Professor of improvisation department in Academy of Music and Drama (SE), double bass player/composer/conductor)

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